River Pools & Spas Photo Gallery

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Thanks for taking a look at our photo gallery of inground pools. All of the pools shown here are different pools we have done in the local area. As you can see, most of the projects shown here are diverse, with distinctions in color, tiling, mosaics, and decking. We at River Pools and Spas are by no means a “cookie-cut” company when it comes to the pools we install. Based on the tastes and vision of each one of our clients, we modify each pool design to meet this need, therefore creating more diversity in each project and more satisfaction for every customer in the long run.

We suggest taking a look at these photos before receiving an inground quote as to help our potential clients to have a better understanding as to what options are available to them as well as what their preferences are for said options.

Take a look at our Strauss Family complete pool design page. This page will help explain to you the process of getting a pool installed by us. We have added lots of photos to detail every step.