Fiberglass Pool Installation: Step by Step

Shown below are a variety of pictures that were taken on an installation of a 16'x40' fiberglass pool at the Strauss family home in King George, Virginia. The site for this pool was quite a beautiful one, with the home (and pool) overlooking a beautiful valley of fields and pastures. We hope these pictures will help future customers understand better our construction process and the different phases involved in the installation of a fiberglass swimming pool.

Stage One: Pool Delivery

In these pictures one can see the jobsite before we started. The fiberglass pool shell arrives on a flatbed trailer. In this case, you will notice the pool came stacked with another pool. The shell is then lifted off the trailer with our excavator and then taken to the back yard, waiting for the hole to be completed.


Stage Two: Excavation

Before excavation starts, we draw the pool on the ground and mark off segments of the pool area as to follow the proper grades and depths set by the dig plans. Once the hole is complete, the base is formed by lying off string and then screeting in a slab of compacted gravel(we used to use sand but have since changed to gravel). This gravel will provide the level base needed to insure the pool is installed properly and level.


Stage Three: Setting of Pool, Backfill and Adding Water

Once the base of the pool is properly prepared, the pool shell is lowered in place. At this time, it is checked to insure it's level and situated correctly. Water (from our water truck) is the next item to be added, and is followed up with gravel(we used to use sand) backfilled on the outside of the shell. These two actions are done simultaneously as to insure proper structural integrity. After the pool has been backfilled about 75%, we then run the plumbing to the filter system, using a special technique of heat bent schedule 40 PVC pipe. Throughout this process, we continue to check with a laser the levelness of the pool.


Stage Four: Completion of Backfill

In this phase, now that the plumbing has been completed, we backfill to the top edge of the pool and a temporary fence is installed until the concrete is poured.


Stage Five: Forming and Prep Work of Concrete

The concrete edge is formed in this stage and gravel is spread out and compacted, covering the patio area entirely as to provide a sound base for the concrete.


Stage Six: Concrete Deck Poured

Here you can see the concrete pour and finish process. In this example, the deck consisted of a broom finished concrete with a color integrated into the mix.


Stage Seven: Cantilever Form Removal

The concrete deck is poured up to the cantilever forms. This provides a very aesthetically pleasing bull-nose concrete coping edge. Once the concrete has been finished and starts to cure, we will then remove the forms. Once removed, we often get into the pool as to make sure the coping face turns out just right. (plus it's fun to get in when it's really hot)


Stage Eight: Final Grade

The final stage of the concrete deck consists of saw cuts placed in different areas as to prevent any unnecessary cracking. Once this has been completed, the outside of the pool area is graded with a bobcat. (One of the owners, Jason, is the happy guy you see in these pictures)


Stage Nine: Pool Time!

It's time for the Strauss' to start enjoying their new pool. Wow, that was fast!


Stage Ten: Orientation

The pool is cleaned and the new pool owners are taught how to operate their pool.


End Result : Family!(See Photo Below)

A pool will provide the Strauss family with enjoyment for many years to come.

*Here is a recent letter from the Strauss family of King George Virginia, who had a Capri fiberglass pool installed recently. We at River Pools would like to thank the Strauss' for their kinds words and also all of the pictures they supplied us with of their pool project.*

July 26, 2006

Dear Jason & Marcus & the whole crew,

Thank you so much for making our dream come true with the addition of a pool in our backyard. We are so pleased with all the work that your staff did in such a short time frame! How exciting for us that we were able to swim this season and not have to wait until next summer!

All of the people who came to our home to work were knowledgeable, friendly, and neat! Our questions were answered with patient attitudes. The work crews introduced themselves and were very considerate. When the work was finished for the day, everything was cleaned up and tidy.

From the beginning of the process to the final walk-through, we have been more than satisfied with your product, your staff, and your business attitude. Again, thank you all for making our backyard dream come true!


Dee & Kelly Strauss

We'd like to thank Kelly Strauss and his lovely wife for taking all of these pictures. Families like the Strauss' make this job a very fulfilling and rewarding one. -Marcus Sheridan, Co-Owner, River Pools and Spas