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Meet the Midland-Odessa Team

Our trained staff in Midland-Odessa, Texas are experienced professionals who will give 100% to ensure you love your pool.

Meredith and Tod, Owners


Meredith was born and raised in Midland. Following high school she obtained her bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech and went on to get her law degree from Texas A&M. After law school she moved back to Midland and married her husband, Scott (a fellow red raider) and worked for several oil and gas companies before deciding she ultimately wanted something more flexible that would allow her to stay home with their future children. She opened a tanning and airbrush studio in Midland before the birth of their first child in 2015.

Scott and Meredith have always loved the water. Scott grew up spending his summers on the Gulf Coast and Meredith spent hers on the lake. In an attempt to escape the West Texas heat they installed a pool in their backyard in 2019. Two years later they moved to a new house without a pool. Being less than satisfied with their pool installation experience in 2019 they began to seek out other pool builders that would better fit their needs. Enter River Pools. From the moment Meredith spoke with River Pools she knew there was something special about them. They offered a level of transparency and professionalism she had yet to encounter with a pool company and knew right away this was something she and her family wanted to be a part of!

Tod (Meredith’s dad) was also born and raised in Midland. After high school he also obtained his bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech. Shortly after graduating he moved back to Midland where he’s worked in fuel & lubricant sales for the majority of his career. Tod also grew up with a love for the water. He spent a lot of his childhood fishing on the Gulf Coast and water skiing at the lake. He, like Meredith saw a huge need for a pool company that would better serve their community. With over 30 years of sales and business experience Tod is thrilled to be part of the River Pools Family!

Together, Meredith and Tod are looking forward to helping families build their dream pool with a professional and positive experience from start to finish! They believe there is no substitute for communication and transparency when doing business and plan to make that a top priority for each customer they encounter.

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