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How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Size for You and Your Family

By: Marcus Sheridan on December 19th, 2009

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How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Size for You and Your Family

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021314424-cheerful-family-swimming-pool-.jpegOne of the questions I'm most often confronted with as I speak with pool shoppers in Virginia and Maryland, as well as across the country, is: How big should our pool be?

This is certainly an important question to ask. The pool's size and shape has no means of being pulled, stretched, or even shrunk after it's in the ground. It's one of those decisions that need to be correct the first time, as there is no turning back.

So how does one know what size to choose?

Well, to start, I suggest you always ask yourself the following questions.


Who are the pool's main users, and how often will they likely use the pool?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. I've had dadswith 1 or 2 kids tell me, "I want a really big pool." Naturally, my next question is: "Why?"

I'm not implying that big pools are bad. I just want people to think about why they choose what they choose when it comes to their pool. The fact is that although kids might say they want a big pool, most of them will end up using a 25-ft. long pool as much as they would use a 35-ft. pool. Kids just want to swim, and no child has EVER boycotted a swimming pool because it was too small.


Does anyone plan on doing laps in the pool?

Tether systems allow any pool to be a lap pool. However, for the person that wants to truly swim laps, I suggest at least 30 ft. in length.


How much patio would I like to have around the pool, and what are the objects (grills, furniture, etc.) that I'd like to fit on the patio?

My partner Jason wrote a great blog article about this, so be sure to read his thoughts on proper swimming-pool patio planning and sizing.


What are the pool's setbacks off the house and property lines?

Like with the patio, you need to figure out your overall size restraints ahead of time. Once the pool and needed patio are placed in the yard, be sure you have enough space for other items you'd like to have in your yard, such as a jungle gym or trampoline.


How often do we plan on entertaining, and what is the likely number of people at our gatherings?

I hesitate to emphasize this question because I've seen customers make some silly decisions based on having one or two large events at their home each year. Remember, it's rare that more than 50% of any group is in the pool swimming at one time during an event such as a party, family gathering, etc.


Will our family change size in the coming years?

I know it's hard to see into the future, but families change, especially when grandkids enter the picture.


Although there are many more questions to consider when deciding on the size of your swimming pool, this list is a great start for most people. As I mentioned at the start of this article, the whole point of asking yourself such questions is so that you do not have any regrets down the road about the decisions you're making today with your swimming pool choices.

If you've found this helpful, check out our in-house manufactured pool designs.

Happy swimming! 

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