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By: Marcus Sheridan on June 12th, 2009

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Viking Pools vs Leisure Pools: Which Fiberglass Pool is Better?

Viking Pools vs Leisure Pools: Which is better?

With the rise in popularity of fiberglass pools throughout the country, many consumers have been left to determine which manufacturers are the best and how they compare to each other. Having sold and installed hundreds of Viking and Leisure Pools, I have certainly formed my opinions of each. I have compared the two companies in a variety of categories so as to be as clear and succinct as possible.

Model Selection: There is no question that Viking Pools has a huge selection of models, especially if you figure they also manufacturer Composite Pools and Crystal Palace pools. When one looks at all their models they will have about 100 choices. On the other hand, Leisure Pools has few shapes to choose from. In other words, they have five main shapes and each shape comes in different sizes. Although this may sound like a very poor model selection, I have found that Leisure's shapes will meet the needs of roughly 90% of the fiberglass marketplace. Viking, on the other hand, will fit the needs of about 100% of the marketplace.

Advantage: Viking Pools

Warranty: Regarding structure warranty, both Viking and Leisure share a long warranty. Viking promotes a "Lifetime" warranty and Leisure offers a "35 year" structure warranty. Either way, both companies are essentially saying the same thing. Where the two companies differ drastically though is with their finish warranties. Leisure has by-far one of the best, if not THE BEST, finish warranty in the fiberglass pool industry at 15 years, non-prorated. This is made possible because of their patent on "Aquaguard", which makes up their pool's colored gel coat finish. On the other hand, Viking's finish warranty is very weak: 3 years full, 7 years prorated. Considering I've had so many problems with Viking's gel coat (their gel coat repairs normally look terrible) in the past, this is something you should certainly be aware of as you are comparing the two companies.

Advantage: Leisure Pools

Quality: Without getting too technical here, Leisure Pools uses the highest grade resin(an Iso resin) available for construction of their fiberglass pools. Viking uses a lower grade(non-Iso) type of resin. Since switching from Viking to Leisure, our installers are constantly talking about how much stronger and sturdier the Leisure shells feel versus what they used to install with Viking.

Advantage: Leisure Pools

Website: Considering a company's website is its most important marketing tool, I'm impressed with both sites: and . Both are full of articles, videos, etc to enhance consumer education. Leisure focuses more on the distinctive quality components of their pools, Viking emphasizes the pool /community donations they've made in the past, including their work with such events as "Little People Big World". Therefore, if you're looking for product facts, stats, and figures, Leisure is your better site. One other interesting component of Viking's website is the fact that they are so obsessed with talking about Marcus Sheridan(that's me by the way). Since writing my fiberglass pool ebook(found at they have done their best to smear my name in the industry. Considering I barely mention their name in the ebook, I find all of their attention quite amusing and it has actually been a great benefit to the ebook's popularity.  Therefore....the winner is.....

Advantage: Viking Fiberglass Pools (based on name dropping;-)