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Jason Hughes of River Pools and Spas

Background in the Pool Industry

Jason began working in the pool industry at the age of 16 with one of his best friends who's father owned a pool company.  Every summer through his high school and college years were spent doing what he loved, installing swimming pools. 

At age 21, Jason married his high school sweetheart Christine and moved to the Northern Neck of Virginia where they built their first home.  Shortly thereafter he graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Leisure Studies. 

It was the following fall of 2000 when Jason went to work with his friend and fellow church member Jim Spiess who was, at the time, a custom home builder.  The two shared common goals, a similar work ethic, and the same core values.  Within months the idea of River Pools was spawned, and it became a reality in early 2001. 

Shortly therafter, Marcus Sheridan, Jason's close friend and Jim's step son-in-law became the first empoyee of River Pools.  His zeal for learning the industry so impressed the two that they immediately offered him part ownership of the company which he accepted.  To this day, Jason, Jim, and Marcus share a close realtionship founded on respect for one another and dedication to Christian principles.   

The Shift to Fiberglass Pools

Despite the fact that Jason's previous pool experience had been limited to inground and above ground vinyl liner pools, he, Jim and Marcus decided that fiberglass pools were clearly a product they could build their business around.  

"There have been many books that have inspired us at River Pools over the years", Jason said, "but it was the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins that fundamentally changed our business more than any other."  

The book discusses what's called the "Hedgehog Concept" which basically means find the one thing you can do better than anyone and pour your heart and soul into it.  The "one thing" was fiberglass pools, and pour everything into it they did.  The result was exponential growth. 

Since that time, River Pools has installed over 700 fiberglass pools throughout Virginia and Maryland and was named one of the Top 50 Pool Builders in America by Pool and Spa News.     

A Passion for Teaching

Jason's fiberglass pool articles and Youtube videos, devoted to teaching home owners the ins-and-outs of the installation process, have garnered well over one million views.  He also teaches fiberglass pool installation classes each year at the International Pool and Patio Expo in an effort to help other pool builders avoid making the same costly mistakes he made early on.  He is also the first in the industry to develop a comprehensive fiberglass pool installation guide that teaches every nuance and detail of the installation process through hands-on video demonstration.  This is an information product that he sells on a separate website.   

Jason's article "Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Installation Problems and Solutions" was published in the January 2013 edition of Aqua Magazine and garnered praise thoughout the industry.  You can read that here.

Family Life

Jason currently lives near the little town of Kilmarnock in the Northern Neck of Virginia with his wife Christine and five children, Grayson, Seth, Isaac, Lily, and Daniel.  He is a happy member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  When not doing pool stuff you could find him kayaking, playing cello, exercising vigorously, camping, going on dates with his wife, or rolling on the floor with his kids.  


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Jason's Family

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