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River Pools is Now Hiring Experienced Fiberglass Pool Installer


After having installed 84 fiberglass pools in 2011, and with sales currently better than ever, we at River Pools and Spas are looking to increase our production capabilities for 2012. In order to reach our goal of 120 fiberglass pool installations, our current plan is to add an additional crew to offset the additional workload.


Something is Very, Very Wrong in the Swimming Pool Industry


I’ve been debating over whether to write this article but there are times when I see things happening in the swimming pool industry, good and bad, that prompt me to take action. And in this case, although this article might miff a few of the ‘big boys’, it’s time for a huge paradigm shift to occur within an industry that I’ve spent thousands of hours on over the past 10 years.

Help Wanted!! River Pools Hiring Fiberglass Pool Salesperson


Although I really hate using this blog for anything other than giving out great education and tips to swimming pool shoppers and owners, occasionally I have to make an announcement here or there, as I am doing today.


National Magazine Exposes River Pools and Spas' Secret!

River Pools Secrets

First it was Coca-Cola.

A Note to all Pool/Spa Professionals Attending Las Vegas Convention this Week

pool spa patio show

This coming week, Jim, Jason, and myself will be attending the annual National Pool/Spa/Patio Show held in Las Vegas. As always, we're excited for this event and the opportunity to meet/chat with many of the pool/spa professionals we have formed relationships with over the years. Regarding the show though, I wanted to mention a few things:


Blue Hawaiian Pools Purchased by Latham International/Viking Pools

blue hawaiian pools bought by viking resized 600

In interesting industry news, Viking Pools/Latham International has purchased Blue Hawaiian pools. For those of you unfamiliar with BH, they have plants in Florida and North Carolina and have been a significant manufacturer of fiberglass swimming pools for quite a few years now. This news was confirmed to me yesterday by more than one current BH dealer and the transition appears to be happening over the coming month or so.

Viking Pools (Latham International) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Viking Pools

In a stunning turn of events, Latham Manufacturing Corp, who is the largest manufacturer of inground pools in North America, as well as the parent company of Viking Fiberglass Pools (Viking Pools) and Composite Pool Corporation (CPC), has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Such is major news in the fiberglass pool industry, considering Viking Pools is one of the most well known fiberglass pool manufacturers in the country.  

San Juan Pools Owner Kirk Sullivan Responds to Bankruptcy Talk

San Juan Pools

As many of you know, I recently posted an article regarding San Juan Fiberglass Pools filing for bankruptcy. Kirk Sullivan, the owner of San Juan Pools was kind enough to respond to the blog and he stated the following:

Breaking News: Ocean Reef Fiberglass Pools Out of Business


With the slow economy having such a major impact on the swimming pool industry, it was only a matter of time before fiberglass pool manufacturers started following suit to many pool builders, who are already, or are soon to be, going out of business. Such is the case with Ocean Reef Fiberglass Pools. Although there have been rumors regarding the future of Ocean Reef for some months now, my sources within the industry have confirmed that the company has ceased operations. Also, their previous website: no longer appears to be working.

New 16'x40' Deep End/Diving Fiberglass Pool Now in Production from Leisure Pools

Fiberglass Pool Mold

Although diving pools make a small portion of the sales in the fiberglass pool industry, Leisure pools has just announced the production of its first model, which will measure 16'x40' and is named the 'Grand Riviera'.

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