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A fiberglass pool warranty like none other.

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Considering a DIY Fiberglass Pool Install?

This Comprehensive Video Guide Teaches Every Detail of a World Class Fiberglass Installation.  Perfect for DIY'ers and Those Wanting to Better Understand the Installation Processs.

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The Cost of Owning A Swimming Pool with A Diving Board In 2014

Fiberglass diving poolWhen we started River Pools and Spas 14 years ago we were like any other pool company and if you asked for it we sold it to you. But we have learned that the customer can be their own worst enemy. What I mean by that is buying a pool is usually a new experience for the home owner and with the right guidance they can end up with a pool that will best suit their family.

What the concrete/gunite companies knew was that most fiberglass companies did not have diving pools, so they could use that to help beat out the fiberglass sales guy. But it did not take long before fiberglass manufacturers started building fiberglass swimming pools that were 8’ deep and could take a diving board.

Purchasing Your Fiberglass Pool In 2014 (Short But Important Read)

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool

Very seldom will you find an article in our blog that is about River Pools and Spas; the reason is because we are more interested in educating you about swimming pools in general. But last year and the year before we ran into a couple of problems and hopefully this article will help alleviate that this year. Due to our growth as a fiberglass pool company we are starting to fill the months of January, February, and March much quicker and therefore those who are hoping to have their pool installed by Memorial Day will call us in March or April and want to get on our schedule. The problem was that the last couple of years we were booked into the end of June and early July at that point. This meant that they would not be swimming until the middle of July or early August.

Choosing The Right Fiberglass Pool For You and Your Family

Diving Pool

The purchase of a swimming pool is a huge investment. Buying a pool is not like buying a car; it is more like adding on an addition to your home. Most people purchase their first car before they are 18 years old and they do so with the help of a family member. During your lifetime you will purchase many cars where on the other hand you will probably only purchase one pool. Also when purchasing a car you can get quite a bit of advice from quite a few people, because almost everyone you know has owned more than one car. The same is not true with a pool. Even when talking with someone who has had or has a pool does not guarantee good advice, because that person has probably only owned one pool, which means that their knowledge is limited to just that.

Retaining Walls For Swimming Pools

Fiberglass pool with retaining wall


Automactic Pool Covers Pro's and Con's

Automatic Pool Cover

The Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Covers:

Inground Pool Warranties: Critical Questions to Ask Your Builder


Okay, let's cut to the chase.  Although as a pool guy this seems crazy to me, the following is an accurate portrayal of the entire conversation most folks considering an inground pool have with a potential builder about a very important topic...their warranty:

How to Find the Perfect Property for a Future Pool: 5 Valuable Tips!

property for future pool

At River Pools we receive calls on a daily basis from folks who are in the process of looking for a new home or property where they can install a future pool.  They all want to know the same thing: “What should I look for in a property where I can install the pool of my dreams?”  That’s a great question, and we just happen to have some great ponters so let’s dive right in!

Is Any Backyard Too Challenging for a Fiberglass Pool? Epic Video!


When I first walked into the backyard of Chuck and Kristian Todd in Arlington, Virginia my first thought was, 'If this is going to happen, it'll have to be interesting.'  In the end, it turned out to be quite interesting indeed, as you'll see in the following before and after video. 

Visual Proof that Fiberglass Pools are Stronger than Concrete

strong fiberglass pool

Although this photo might confuse you at first, it's showing a fiberglass display pool at our headquarters here in Warsaw Va. after some serious wind gusts that have been plaguing the state over the last couple of days. What normally is a pool shell on its side with the trailer as its base, mother nature decided to blow it over with some serious force behind it, causing the shell to slam to the  ground.

A Review of Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools (Pricing, Warranty, and Models)

describe the image

Over the years, we at River Pools and Spas have carried a variety of fiberglass pool lines, mainly due to the fact that we’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge of the fiberglass pool industry for our customers and ensure we’re offering them the best products available on the market today.

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