Well, it's that time again: Pool Closings/Winterization

pool closing

Important: Read This First!

Please take a second to review a few quick items regarding our Pool Closing Service:

Here's what's included in your closing (Cost can vary based on your location):

Within 50 miles of us $275,

51-90 miles $325,  

91+ miles $375                  

  • Remove all handrails, ladders, etc. if applicable
  • Winterize and clean filter-remove pressure gauge and plugs
  • Winterize and clean pump-remove plugs
  • Winterize salt generator and clean cell
  • Turn off electricity and take trippers off timer
  • Winterize heater if applicable
  • Remove skimmer basket/s and return eyeballs
  • Make sure all valves left in open position
  • Blow out all plumbing lines and install winter plugs (slides and water features if applicable)
  • Note: All plugs, return eyeballs, etc. that were removed are stored in the pump basket. The skimmer basket is stored upside down on the gizzmo (skimmer plug) in the skimmer
  • Install cover
  • Clean up trash and tools

...and what's NOT included:

  • Adding winterizing chemicals-customer should do this 24 hrs before pool to be shut down
  • Cleaning or Detailing the Pool
  • Any winterizing plugs that are needed and not on site will be charged to the customer 

Note: Please make sure we have access to the pool as well as the cover and winterization plugs for the skimmer and returns.