It's Time To Open The Pool!

Important: Read This First!

Please take a second to review a few quick items regarding our Pool Opening Service:

Here's what's included in your opening:

  • Remove and store cover
  • De-winterize Pool Equipment and Start-up
  • Check for drips/leaks
  • Test Run Heater
  • Replace handrails, ladders, etc.
  • Check Salt Chlorinator and set to Superchlorinate (if applicable)
  • Clean up trash and tools
  • Add any chemicals provided by customer

...and what's NOT included:

  • Cleaning or Detailing the Pool
  • Getting water clear or pool swim ready
  • Any salt, chemicals, or other pool accessories 

Note: Please make sure the power is on to the equipment, all entries to the pool are open, and all parts are accessible. 


Pool Opening Form

Someone from our service department will be in touch with you asap to set a firm date on our calendar.

Please give us a call at 804-333-9192 if you need anything in the meantime.

Thanks for being a River Pools and Spas Customer!